Meet Addie Coleman!

Addie is an only child living with her mom after her parents’ divorce. Because of this, she is following a ‘Typical Teen’s Guide To Divorce’ and checking off every thing on the list.

With all manner of rebellion,

insta collage

to long twitter conversations, often documenting her struggles:


Addie is getting involved in all kinds of wild stuff with her best friend Laila and boyfriend Duke.

Connect with Addie now! @ColemanAddie


Meet Addison Coleman!

Addison is 16 and she’s just moved to Texas to live with her father. She has to adapt to the Norm school system and make new friends, something she hasn’t done since kindergarten.

Addison has a blog where she posts about books, how embarrassing her dad is to her new friends and chats to her best friend from home, Laila. Her sarcastic tone and sense of humour come across in her text posts and even more so in her tags.

From things like reading 2016-01-12 13-05-03

and a running commentary of her life, 2016-01-12 13-07-59

to graphics that she makes in her free time: 2016-01-12 13-01-40

Beware Compound residents!

As the Bureau of Paranormal Activities has posted on their website and Twitter, there is a dangerous person in the Compound.



The BPA have their best people on the case convicting them and trying to place them in custody. In the mean time, everyone take the necessary precautions and help out others in more vulnerable situations if you can.