Follow the very public lives of our Clairvoyant

Addie Coleman’s parents are getting divorced. She has to make a huge decision: stay in the Compound with her mom, or move out to Dallas with her dad.

It’s a big decision or anyone, but Addie is Clairvoyant. She can see the future when faced with a choice. And that’s exactly what she’s doing. Check in with Addie in both futures, as well as her friends, on social media  and let us know which path you think she’ll choose!

Addie is rebelling against her mom because her dad’s not around anymore. She’s not getting what she wants so she’s acting out with bad boys and bad behaviour, all documented on Twitter and Instagram.

Addie is moving to a new city, out of the Compound, and leaving her friends behind. She’s making new friends and figuring out secrets about her old ones. Her life is documented on Tumblr.

Keep checking back her for more updates on any developments!


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