Which path should Addie choose?

Addie Coleman has a choice to make after her parents announce their divorce; should she live with her mother and stay in the Compound, or should she leave with her Father and live in the Norm world?

The difference with Addie is that she can see into the future. Addie is Clairvoyant so she can see the two paths of any decision she has to make. For this one she’s going to look 6 weeks into the future.

With many moments that she doesn’t want to miss out on in either path, she has to choose which like she wants to live and which one she’s willing to give up!

Her life in the Compound is all on Twitter and Instagram, while her life in Dallas is posted on Tumblr!

Let us know your thoughts!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 14.42.39


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