Meet Addie’s Mom


Whatever Coleman ┬áis Addie’s mother, who Addie decides to stay with in part of the story. They are very close, but Addie rebels and resents her originally for causing the divorce, even though it was Addie’s father’s decision to end it.

She is a Bureau employee and she develops mind programs to help young people use their full potential. She is known to be very progressive with her mind programs, giving Addie new ones to try out frequently.

She tends to help out Laila and advises her when she can, acting as a second mother when Laila’s mother is off working three jobs.


Meet Addie’s Dad

Bradley Coleman is Addie’s father. He used to work in the Compound Bureau as a Discerner until he decided to leave the Compound and live in the Norm world. Currently he resides in Austin, TX, with his daughter.

He also helps the Bureau out as a Discerner from time to time, interviewing Steve ‘Poison’ Paxton and judging his truthfulness. He was also integral to the conviction of Bobby Baker.