Meet Rowan Abernathy!

He is Trevor’s goofy best friend. Rowan initially tries to make a move on Addison, which she really didn’t like because he reminded her of Bobby. During the movie hey sit together and Addison has to run out because she describes him as a chihuahua.

However, Addison gets to know Rowan, after he found out exactly why she didn’t like him, he stops flirting with her. They end up be I really good friends and he is the conspiracy theorist about Lincoln High’s football players injuring all the other players whenever they come to play away games.

Addison is conducting her own investigation and she gets tidbits from Rowan., which only confirm her suspicions.

Later on, Rowan and Addison, along with Trevor and Stephenie, have to do their dare after losing the dessert challenge and they steal a bobble head from the Principal’s office.

Rowan is very supportive of her and Trevor being together, as he never liked Stephanie. This works out really well for Addie.


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