Leaked Compound Information

Earlier this month, the Compound leaked secret, coded messages that allow Norms to access government files for Paranormal Youths that have Presented, or have yet to Present. Some of these include a test to determine which Power they would have, History of the Compound, as well as Meditation Programs and Ability Advancement Programs. Maybe from watching these, you could Present as well!

The leaked passwords also allows anyone to access the secret government files by Bureau members. You can now see which inhabitants of the Compound pose a security threat, the Containment plans in case of a leak, as well as the Ability Advancement Programs in development.

To find out all of the Confidential information only Bureau members have access to, tweet a quote or graphic from the book with the hashtag #PivotalPowers and we will send you the password!

You can access all the resources via the Compound page at bofpa.com


Beware Compound residents!

As the Bureau of Paranormal Activities has posted on their website and Twitter, there is a dangerous person in the Compound.



The BPA have their best people on the case convicting them and trying to place them in custody. In the mean time, everyone take the necessary precautions and help out others in more vulnerable situations if you can.