This Glossary consists of terms found in Pivot Point and Split Second by Kasie West, including the chapter headings of Addison’s definitions from Pivot Point.

The descriptions of the powers can be found on the Bureau website here


ab•NOR•Mal: adj. out of the ordinary, like zombies and certain creepy boys

ability: n. a mind power Paranormals have.

am•bush: n. to pick a subject (me) and lie in wait to attack

aNO[R]M•a•ly: n. a deviation from the (agreed upon) arrangement

ap•PA•RA•tus: n. any organization of activities aimed toward a set goal

au•to•NO[R]M•ic: adj. having no control over my spontaneous actions

compound: n. the colloquial term for the East Texas Paranormal Compound.

containment committee: n. the part of the government responsible

dis•PA•RAte: adj. distinct, different, dissimilar

dis•PAR•Age: v. to make someone feel stupid

eNOR•Mous: adj. really big

ig•NO[R]•Mi•ny: n. public shame

in•com•PA•RA•ble: adj. unequaled in greatness

ir•reP•A•RA•ble: adj. something that can never be how it was

learned ability: n. an ability that almost any Paranormal can learn to do, though they have sometimes developed from other mind abilities that the user doesn’t possess.

naturalist: n. a Paranormal who believes that people shouldn’t use their powers.

NO[R]M•i•nal: adj. being true in name only but not in reality

NOR•Ma•po•late: v. when normal people try to solve a mystery without extra help

NOR•Mal: n. conforming to the standard

NOR•Mal•i•za•tion: v. reduced to a normal state

NOR•Mo•ther•mia: v. the process of returning my body temperature back to normal

norm: n. Colloquial term for Non-Paranormal. Often used by teenage characters.

NORM•date: n. an outing with a Normal guy

NORM•games: n. strangely foreign, slightly lame, and yet unexplainably compelling rites of passage in the Normal world

NORM•less: n. absolutely no normalcy in given situation

NORM•trap: n. a device used to trap a Norm (okay, fine, I got trapped too)

NORM•vid: n. captured footage with no special effects added to enhance quality

PA•RAl•o•gize: v. to draw illogical conclusions based on assumptions

PA•RAl•y•sis: n. unable to move

PAR•[A]•dy: n. a poor imitation

PAR•A•digm: n. something that serves as a pattern or model

PAR•A•dise: n. a place of extreme happiness

PAR•A•dox: n. a statement that seems contradictory but speaks a truth

PAR•A•li•a•tion: n. beyond the average humiliation

PAR•A•pha•sia: n. to lose the power to speak correctly

PAR•A•site: n. a person who benefits from others while offering no benefit in return

PARA•noia: n. extreme distrust of others

paranormal: n. a person with mind powers.

phe•NO[R]M•e•non: n. someone who thinks his existence is an impressive occurrence

preP•A•RA•tion: n. precautionary measures taken to be ready for future events

present: v. usually around puberty, a child starts showing signs of what power they will develop.

screwed: adj. having to choose a bad path to avoid a worse one

search: v.  the act of Clairvoyants and Divergents seeing the future. Each Search would be separate.

seP•A•RAte: v. to force apart

Un•just•ville: n. the land ruled by my parents